North Platte, 内布拉斯加

My map of 内布拉斯加 has Iowa on the other side of it. Looking at them both, it is hard to believe that the two states are neighbors. Iowa is a maze of secondary roads, country boundaries and white-circle towns. 内布拉斯加, except for the southeastern corner, is mostly white space – few roads, very few towns. Out in that white space, the open prairie, is the city of North Platte, 内布拉斯加, population 24,000. The red-and-black line of Interstate 80 runs by it, as does the broken-line trace of the Oregon Trail. And a thin line marking a railroad track runs through it, as do the light-blue outlines of two rivers. These map symbols graphically tell the story of North Platte, past and present.

The story begins with its location, its very lifeblood. North Platte is roughly halfway between Denver, Colorado, and Omaha, 内布拉斯加. With 1,486 motel rooms, two private RV parks, dozens of campsites and a huge Wal-Mart parking lot, it is an obvious overnight stop for travelers of all types. 内布拉斯加’最大的西方礼品店–科迪堡贸易站–在这里,还有一个古老的西部博物馆和小型化的布法罗比尔(Buffalo Bill)机械化版本’的狂野西部秀。显然,旅游业是北普拉特的主要产业。像在富油油田中的钻机一样,聚集在州际公路周围的标志的数量,大小和高度可以证明其大小。有些人甚至告诉时间,温度和天然气价格。最早通过这种方式的旅行者并不关心天然气或天然气的价格。

他们只需要自己和牲畜的饲料和水即可。那年是1840。他们大约有一千–俄勒冈足迹(Oregon Trail)只是众多人群的预兆,也是摩门教徒朝西朝圣的路线,以及前往加利福尼亚的淘金热人群。移民大多用牛车和一些手推车推动,移民从堪萨斯城沿普拉特河(Platte River)沿密苏里河沿岸其他起飞点。陆上舞台和小马快车(Pony Express)使用了经过北普拉特(North Platte)的一条既定路线。铁路也是如此;它于1866年到达这里。来自科罗拉多州的南普拉特河与北普拉特河相连,北普拉特河

与俄勒冈足迹的尘土飞扬的残余物相比,从事旅游业的人所能提供的引人入胜的景点更多,显然,该镇的建筑很少’s important proximity to it. It was a search, but I found a permanent marker that reads: Oregon Trail Marked by the State of 内布拉斯加 1914. To put that year in chronological prospective, the state also erected near it a watering trough for horses. Both are cut from granite. Framed by greenery, they are at the entrance to the University of 内布拉斯加 West Central Research Extension Center, south of town. Driving back into town, I stopped at the Iron Horse Park Lake, one of many small lakes along I-80.

在1950年代建造州际公路时,公路工作人员在挖出砾石进行公路施工时挖了大坑。坑后来充满水,创造“Nebraska’s chain of lakes.”这里是一群当地的老兵“America’的20世纪退伍军人纪念馆。” Adjacent to the junction of I-80 and U.S. Highway 83, it will honor all those who served this country in the military during the last century. Located in Middle 美国 as it is, this seems an appropriate place for it. Within this ambitious and very impressive project will be a special memorial honoring those who staffed the famed North Platte Depot Canteen during World War II. It was opened shortly after December 7, 1941, and ran day and night until April 1, 1945. Every cross-country troop train stopped in North Platte. Local folks manned the canteen and met each train, handing out homemade food, drinks and sundries.

任何一个过生日的士兵或水手总会得到一块蛋糕。直到今天,市长和其他官员在这里都收到了退伍军人表示感谢的信。对于许多人来说,北普拉特是他们的最后一个“hometown experience”在开战之前。 1975年,联合太平洋铁路(UP)创建了一个小型公园,上面有一个合适的纪念馆,以纪念来自这里和500个食堂志愿者以及125个周围社区的精神。它’位于仓库和食堂曾经站立过的前街附近。 UP是这里最大的单一雇主,并且占有很大的份额。它安静地进行日常的全天候操作,几乎没有大惊小怪或吹口哨的声音。庞大的Bailey院子占地2850英亩,全长8英里,远远超出了城镇范围。

它是世界上最大的铁路分类场。每24小时处理10,000辆有轨电车。其中的3,000堆放在院子里’s的东和西码“hump” yards. Using a mound cresting 34 feet for eastbound trains and 20 feet for those heading west, the two 驼峰 yards allow four cars a minute to roll gently to any of the 114 “bowl”轨道,它们成为前往数十个目的地的火车的一部分。除了分拣汽车外,Bailey Yard还可以容纳越来越多的“unit”将一种商品运送给一个客户的火车,例如将煤炭运送给电力公司的火车。每天有多达32列煤炭火车经过怀俄明州东北部的Power River盆地,仅需快速维修即可继续“run-through” tracks.

UP之一’最大的机车维修店就在这里。全天候工作,有900名技术人员每月修理750台机车。在平均一天中,他们为另外350辆机车提供服务,并且每月在这里泵送1400万加仑柴油。除柴油商店外,还有一个有顶棚的平台,游客可以在此观看东驼峰塔的运营情况。威廉(1878 -1913)是北普拉特地区火车服务的早期使用者之一“Buffalo Bill”科迪他从镇北部的牧场组织了他的“狂野西部”表演,并通过火车和货车移动了他的表演。

His ranch, now operated by the 内布拉斯加 Game and Parks Commission as a state historical park, is beautifully maintained and open to the public. On the northern edge of town is spacious Cody Park. Its entrance is lined with the flags of all the states and foreign countries where 布法罗比尔 performed. Centered in this esplanade of flags is a bronze statue of him, estimated to be valued at a quarter of a million dollars. This is where it all started for 美国’最著名的狂野西部个性和艺人。